We would like Belvedere Inzaghi & Partners-BIP to be perceived as a Team in which each member can feel truly involved.

We believe that sense of belonging and solidarity between Professionals are essential conditions to ensure harmony, well-being and success.

We work to create optimal conditions so that everybody can see his/her own future in our Law Firm and to make this happen we think that:

  • a concrete prospective of career growth is necessary, not only a general possibility;
  • the activity carried out should generate an economical return, with possibility of increasing salaries scheduled in advance;
  • everyone should have the appropriate external visibility in order to see the efforts made recognised and rewarded.

In other words, a horizon, which people can expect to join in an atmosphere of tranquility with, at the same time, a formalized path – also in terms of compensation – in order to reward relationships within the Law Firm in a transparent manner.

  • INTERN: GRADUATING (three-month period – extendable)
  • JUNIOR TRAINEE (up to 12 months post-graduate)
  • TRAINEE (from 12 months post-graduate up to qualification as a lawyer)
  • JUNIOR ASSOCIATE: LAWYER (first 2 years after qualification as a lawyer)
  • ASSOCIATE: LAWYER (from 3° to 6° year after qualification as a lawyer)
  • ASSOCIATE: LAWYER (from 7° year after qualification as a lawyer)
  • SENIOR ASSOCIATE: LAWYER (in relation to seniority and merits)
  • COUNSEL: LAWYER (in relation to seniority, merits and generated turnover)