After six years since its foundation and a history marked by numerous professional successes, Belvedere Inzaghi & Partners announces the dissolution of the professional association and the simultaneous foundation of two distinct law firms.

In a very short time, Belvedere Inzaghi & Partners has established itself as a reference point in real estate law, both domestically and for internationally-oriented clients, closing many of the most important real estate transactions in Milan and major cities in Italy.

Belvedere Inzaghi & Partners achieved the goal of being recognized by the market as a firm capable of providing its clients with very high quality and comprehensive assistance in the field of real estate,” comments Antonio Belvedere. “In recent months, however, different needs have emerged in relation to the firm’s strategies. This awareness led us to agree that it was not functional any longer to continue the common path together and that it was therefore more appropriate to give life to two distinct law firms.

The dissolution of the association that gave rise to the Belvedere Inzaghi & Partners and its history of successes was a very difficult decision,” continues Guido Alberto Inzaghi. “But, at the same time, it was a necessary step to allow the two resulting entities to continue a fruitful path for both, while preserving unchanged feelings of friendship and mutual professional esteem.

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